Red Seal Notary is Canada’s national company for the provision of Notary Public and Apostille (Authentication and Legalization) services.

Red Seal Notary is staffed by a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers, notaries public, commissioner of oaths and legal assistants and has over 100 locations across Canada including walk-in locations in Toronto, Mississauga, North York & Ottawa.

Through our extensive network of offices and authorized representatives, we offer our clients efficient and comprehensive document notarization and legalization services.

Red Seal Notary’s notarization and commissioning services include: letter of invitation for visas, letter of consent to travel, statutory declarations and affidavits. Red Seal Notary also provides services such as certified copy of an original document, witness of a signature, mobile notary public, apostille (authentication and legalization) services, Visa processing services and notarization of electronic documents.

Red Seal Notary also offers fingerprinting services, criminal background checks, land title searches and passport processing services at select locations.

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