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Due to concerns for the safety of children, many governments including that of Canada have initiated special requirements when children under 18 years of age are travelling without both parents.

Specifically, many countries now require that documentary evidence in the form of a notarized consent to travel letter be presented to establish the permission of the parent(s) / legal guardian(s) for a minor to cross international borders with an accompanying adult, or alone. This requirement is in addition to other legal requirements as specified by airlines and official authorities.

Also, it should be noted that a simple letter or travel consent form that has not been notarized by a licensed notary public may be rejected by border officials due to the fact that such letters or forms can be easily forged.

Circumstances you should have one:

  • Child Travelling With One Parent – If a minor is travelling with only one parent, the absent parent is expected to provide notarized consent.
  • Child Travelling Alone or Without Either Parent – If a minor is traveling alone or is accompanied by an adult other than a parent, both parents (or the sole documented custodial parent) must provide a notarized travel consent.
  • Child Has Only One Parent – If a minor child has only one parent as evidenced by the child’s birth certificate, a notarized copy of the birth certificate or the original may be sufficient proof allowing for travel.

For a free sample template of a Travel Consent, please click one of the files below.

Consent to Travel other parent
Consent to Travel other parent pdf
Consent to Travel other adult
Consent to Travel other adult pdf
Consent to Travel unaccompanied
Consent to Travel unaccompanied pdf

You will have to modify the template to fit your situation and to meet any particular requirements for the jurisdictions your child is travelling to. The templates meet basic requirements for common situations. However the requirements for such letters can and do vary by country, and change over time. You should ask your travel agent, airline, and/or the Consulates of the countries the child is travelling to for particular requirements that apply for your child’s trip.

If you are uncomfortable modifying the templates, or simply do not want to, Red Seal Notary staff can draft your consent for you. Our current fees for this service are $99 plus applicable taxes. The fee includes both the draft and signing the Consent before one of our Notaries. If you wish to have the document drafted by us, please provide the information in the form below prior to scheduling an appointment.

Consent to Travel - Information Form

Please complete and submit the following information form. Once the consent to travel document is prepared, a staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Please Note: There is a charge associated with Red Seal Notary drafting your letter. If you already have your own letter prepared, please fill out the shorter online appointment form.

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    3. Accompanying Parent's Information (If accompanying adult is not the traveling child(ren)'s parent, skip to section 4.)

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    5. First Consenting Parent's Information (If the child is traveling without both parents, please complete 5 and 6.)

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