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Mobile Notary Public Services

Red Seal Notary offers mobile notarization services, whereby one of our notaries will attend at your location to notarize or commission your documents.

The notary must meet with signatories in person to notarize their signatures. Sometimes, the individual is unable to travel to meet with one of our notaries. Sometimes there is a large group of people signing, making it impractical for everyone to travel to the Notary office. Red Seal Notary can arrange for a mobile notary whereby the notary will meet at a location most convenient to the client.
Such locations include but are not limited to: Theaters, Film and Recording Studios, Banks, Credit Unions and other Financial Institutions, Board rooms, Businesses & Corporations of all types, Universities and Colleges, Hotels, Hospitals, and Retirement Homes.

Please note that mobile services are not always available. Our customer service staff can advise you whether mobile services are available in your area during the time you require. They may need to check with a number of Notaries in some urban centres, so please plan ahead.

Please provide our staff with the specific location, number of signatories, number of notarizations, and nature of the documents involved. If there is another contact person, please also provide their contact information as well. When a group is involved, it is always best to have someone in charge of organizing the event. Choose a time that all the signatories are certain to be there, the documents will be ready, and everyone will have the necessary photo identification. You don’t want to have to pay wait time charges or for a second visit.

To set up an appointment to utilize our mobile notarization services, please send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-888-922-SEAL (7325).


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