Online Documents Certification

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Certified Copies of Online Documents

Today, many original documents are only found online. With no hard copy available, many institutions still expect printed documents to be certified as exact copies of the original version found online. In order to use this service, your document must be available and seen on a website at a specific internet address (url).  An emailed file is not sufficient.

Certifying a copy of an online document is simple. Often you will need to log in to the necessary website to show the document to the Notary.  The Notary Public prints out your desired document and will notarize it by affirming that the print out is a true copy of the electronic version.  This is particularly useful for copies of invoices you receive electronically, banking or investment statements, electronic verification of enrollment at Academic Institutions, or even helping to protect your copyrighted material on your website.

Usually, the Notary will attach a Notarial Certificate to the printed document, complete with their stamp and seal verifying they have reviewed both the online and printed versions at that time, and can attest to the fact that they are the same.

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