Fingerprinting Services

RCMP Accredited, Fast & Convenient

RCMP Accredited Fingerprinting Services

Available at the following locations on a walk-in basis (no appointment necessary):

Please note you require at least two (2) pieces of identification to be fingerprinted. No Health Cards or SIN Cards. For details, and other helpful tips, see below.

Red Seal Notary Inc., an RCMP accredited organization, offers two types of fingerprinting services. Red Seal Notary offers Electronic Fingerprinting and Submission as well as Ink & Roll Fingerprints. Currently, we are authorized to provide these services at the above five walk in locations. We are working to expand availability to other communities. Our professionally trained personnel can assist individuals who require fingerprints for:

  • Citizenship
  • Immigration
  • Employment
  • Visas/Waivers for Foreign Work or Travel
  • Security Screenings for Government Contracts
  • Professional, Vocational and Business Licenses
  • Adoption
  • Name Change Applications
  • Volunteer Employment
  • Record Suspension (Pardon) Applications
  • Privacy Act Requests
  • Other Civil Purposes

Required Identification

In order to fulfill any request for fingerprinting, individuals must present two (2) valid government issued identification documents, at least one of which must include a photo. Examples of acceptable identification include Passports, Driver’s Licenses, Provincial Photo ID cards, Citizenship Cards, Immigration documents, Indian Status Cards, Military Cards, Birth Certificates, Firearms Possession Licences, Boating Licences, and Fishing Licences. Foreign Government issued identification, such as Passports, Driver's Licenses and Birth Certificates are acceptable. SIN Cards cannot be used as identification for fingerprints, and Health Cards cannot be used in some Provinces, including Ontario, Manitoba and PEI. This 2 document rule is an RCMP requirement and cannot be waived by the fingerprinting staff under any circumstances.


  • Electronic Fingerprinting and Submission - $55.00 plus applicable taxes and RCMP fees (see RCMP processing fees page)

  • Ink & Roll Fingerprinting - $55.00 plus applicable taxes per fingerprint card (additional fees may apply for unusual country-specific requirements, such as Notarization or raised seals)

Electronic Fingerprint Scanning

Electronic Fingerprinting and Submission:

Using a system accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), your fingerprints, photograph and some basic biographical information are captured and submitted electronically to the RCMP for processing. Each session takes approximately 10-30 minutes. Although actual processing time is dependent on the RCMP, the ability to capture and submit fingerprints electronically means that Red Seal Notary’s clients can usually expect to receive their results much faster than results from ink & roll jurisdictions.

FBI Card Ink and Roll Fingerprints

Ink & Roll:

For most foreign police checks, and for some Canadian security screenings, a set of ink prints on a physical fingerprint card is required. In these situations, Red Seal Notary also offers Ink & Roll Fingerprinting services. For ink & roll prints, no photo is taken, and you will leave our location with your fingerprint card to submit on your own. If there is only one card, each session takes approximately 15 minutes. Please ensure to contact the authorities for each country you are applying to for their specific requirements. For example, the FBI's fingerprint instructions for the USA are here.

The Process:

In essence, no matter how the fingerprints are submitted and to which country or state, the process is basically the same. The authority to whom your are submitting your fingerprint file or card (usually the police for the relevant jurisdiction), simply compares your fingerprints to their fingerprint records. In most cases, the fingerprints will not match the fingerprints of anyone with a criminal record, and the police will issue a certificate stating this. If you do have a 'match' in their system, then any details will appear on the certificate. Exactly what details will be disclosed on the certificate will vary by the laws of each jurisdiction. If you have some kind of record and want to know if it will appear, you should contact the Police or a lawyer in the relevant jurisdiction. Or, if you prefer, you could submit your fingerprints and see exactly what appears when you receive the results.

Other Requirements and Helpful Tips:

If any of the following applies to your situation, please ensure you bring all relevant documents with you:

  • If you are unsure about your ID, bring everything you can, or call ahead

  • If the requesting party has provided you with a letter requesting fingerprints and/or a file number or numbers

  • in particular, bring file and client id (UCI) numbers for Canadian Citizenship and/or Immigration applications

  • If you require a Vulnerable Sector Check, you must initiate the process with your local Police

  • Volunteers should bring an original letter from the volunteer organization on its letterhead so they do not have to pay the RCMP fee

  • If a specific fingerprint card must be used, other than an RCMP or FBI card, please bring it (them) with you

  • If the results are to be submitted to a third party, please have all necessary contact information

  • In particular, if you are applying for a Federal Security Screening, please ensure you know the Federal Government office processing the Screening (usually Public Services and Procurement Canada - ORI PQ80800)

  • If the requesting party has specific or unusual requirements, such as the fingerprint card must be notarized, please bring the instructions and call them to our staff member's attention

  • If you have dry or worn skin, particularly fine fingerprint ridges, or have had any difficulties in getting fingerprints taken in the past, please moisturize your fingers often for a few days prior to coming in to get your fingerprints taken

  • similarly, if you work with your hands, you may wish to come in after a few days off to give your hands time to heal

  • If you have a chronic skin condition or scarring due to a past injury, provide this information to the staff so they can note it for the processing authority

  • Cooperate with the fingerprinting staff - stiffening up, or trying to rush or take control of rolling your own fingers is the most common cause of smudging, slipping, and inadequate rolls on fingerprint cards. Remember, we are here to help you get the best prints possible from your fingers at that time.

  • Double check all the information entered on your fingerprint file or card. You don't want a simple typo in your postal code to mean you have to repeat the entire process

RCMP accredited fingerprinting services are currently available only at the following Red Seal Notary locations (no appointment necessary):