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Red Seal Notary is Canada's National Notary Public Company
Still Alive? Need Proof? – Life Certificates for Pensions Gentleman on laptop April 3rd, 2019 How do I get a proof of life certificate for my pension notarized? Being asked to prove that you are... Read more
Police Clearance from Iran Fingerprints for Iran January 28th, 2019 Have you been asked to obtain a police clearance from Iran and you’re not sure how to obtain it? If... Read more
Fingerprinting for Canadian Permanent Residence and Citizenship Part 2 Canada Flag Fingerprint January 18th, 2019 How do I get fingerprints to apply for police certificates for permanent residence or Canadian citizenship? You may need to... Read more
Fingerprinting for Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Part 1 Fingerprint January 4th, 2019 How do I get police certificates for Canadian immigration? Getting police certificates for permanent residence or Canadian citizenship applications can... Read more
What is an Affidavit of Execution? Meeting for Closing December 6th, 2018 Although to some this may sound like something morbid, Affidavits of Execution have nothing to do with capital punishment. Execution... Read more
Travel Consent for your Children Man frustrated at airport December 5th, 2017 Travel Consent Letters As holidays draw near, often so do travel plans. In today's hectic world, we can't always coordinate... Read more
Sending Your Client Coordinating Worldwide Clients May 10th, 2017 Your clients have to sign papers, but they are on the other side of the country? No problem! Red Seal... Read more
I Can’t Afford a Lawyer! Help in pile of paper April 20th, 2017 We know many people visit our website or contact us looking for a cheaper solution to obtaining legal counsel. Almost... Read more
Fingerprints for Government Contract Security Screening Fingerprint Scanner April 3rd, 2017 Prints for Federal Security Screening The Government of Canada recently increased the criminal record check requirements for Government Security screenings... Read more
Notarized Copy and Certified True Copy Anker The Notary March 7th, 2017 A common question we receive is "What is the difference between a Notarized Copy and a Certified True Copy?"  The... Read more
Medical Council of Canada Certified Identity Confirmation February 21st, 2017 The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) is an organization dedicated to the uniform assessment of Doctors across Canada.  It holds... Read more
TSX Personal Information Form (PIF) and Declarations January 31st, 2017 Update August 2018: The PIF for the TSX will only be accepted in paper form until September 30, 2018. After... Read more