Red Seal Notary is Canada's national company for the provision of Notary and Apostille (Authentication and Legalization) services.
Why Us

Red Seal Notary provides a simple yet innovative alternative to the traditional notary Service. Founded in 2004 on the principles of providing accessible, convenient notary services and exceptional customer service nationwide.

Services are easily accessible through Red Seal Notary's network of notary offices across Canada, an interactive website, on-line appointment forms, knowledgeable staff at our Toll Free customer service line, and several convenient walk-in locations.

Our Clients:

Red Seal Notary's services have been used for over a decade by the general public, and businesses and other organizations both large and small.

Whether you need to notarize your signature on a simple letter of consent for your child to attend a basketball tournament across the border, or organize notarization of a complex patent licence signed by corporate officers in several Canadian cities to be legalized for a subsidiary overseas, we can help.