Getting Married Abroad

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Getting Married Abroad

  • If you are planning a wedding abroad it is particularly important that you obtain all the necessary documents before you leave.
  • In most situations you will require a Statement in Lieu of a Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad from Canadian authorities. You will need a Statutory Declaration of your Marital Status and notarized copies of official documents and identification such as your Birth Certificate, Driver’s Licence and/or Passport. If you are divorced, you will likely require notarized copies of your Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, and/or Divorce Order. In addition, foreign authorities may require that these notarized copies be authenticated and legalized by the appropriate authorities before they are accepted in the foreign country.
  • Please be advised that each client’s situation is different and it is extremely important that you contact the appropriate Embassy or Consulate to ensure that you meet the requirements of the country in which you plan to wed as requirements vary from country to country and even from time to time.
  • The Red Seal Notary team has years of experience in working with Canadian authorities as well as with foreign embassies and consulates and is Canada’s leading expert in all matters relating to authentication and legalization. Red Seal Notary’s expertise means that our team can navigate the complex and often time consuming steps involved in ensuring that your documents are properly prepared for use in a foreign country, so that you don’t have to.
  • Let our timely and professional service take the stress out of preparing for your wedding abroad.
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