Marital Status Statutory Declaration

Statutory Declaration of Marital Status

Free Sample Declaration

There are many reasons you may need to provide a declaration or affidavit as evidence of your marital status. You may need one to enable you to get married in another country, or to add your spouse to your pension or benefits package. Often the declaration will be part of a standard form, such as from an employer, insurance company, or bank. In other cases, however, you may need to create the declaration yourself.

Most of the time, the person or organization asking for the declaration can give you some guidance on the information that you are required to put in the document, even if they do not have a standard form.

As with affidavits, the most important thing to remember is that the contents must be true. Never put false information in your declaration simply because you think that is what the official reviewing it wants to see. For example, if you do not remember the exact date that you first met your future spouse, simply enter what you do know. “Early in June, 2012” will usually do just fine. At least with the office reviewing the document. (As for with your future spouse, you’re on your own.)

For a free sample template of a Statutory Declaration of Marital Status, please click the files below:

Statutory Declaration of Marital Status Word Format
Statutory Declaration of Marital Status pdf Format
Proof of Marriage declaration Word Format
Proof of Marriage declaration pdf Format

If you are uncomfortable modifying the templates, or simply do not want to take the time, Red Seal Notary staff can draft your declaration for you. Our current fees for this service are $99 plus applicable taxes. The fee includes both the draft and making the declaration before one of our Notaries. If you wish to have the document drafted by us, please provide the following information before scheduling an appointment:

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