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Apostille Canada (Authentication & Legalization)

We understand that Authentication & Legalization is a complex process that requires extraneous time and effort –- so let us do the work for you. After all, you are far too busy to wait in line, right? Red Seal Notary is equipped with a team of professionals dedicated to make the process quick, easy and hassle-free for our customers by taking care of your Authentication & Legalization needs from start to finish. Let us do the research, preparation, and waiting in lines for you. We provide services that include:

Notarization Services

Experience our fast and professional notarization services by visiting any of our locations in-person or sending us original documents for certified copies via post. Our team includes notaries that are appointed in their jurisdiction and registered with both Provincial and Federal authentication offices so the process will not be delayed by registration issues.

Translation Services

Officially recognized translation services are a frequent requirement of the authentication and legalization process. Relieve yourself from the stress of translating foreign documents and leave it to us to retain professional and high-quality translation services on your behalf.

Delivery Services

Sit back while we personally deliver and pick up your documents to and from the various authentication offices, consulates and embassies. Once completed, we ship the documents per your instructions to all necessary recipients with discretion and security. You will no longer have to wait an inordinate amount of time lining up at the consulate. We will gladly send personnel to do the waiting for you until completion.

Embassy Relationship

Witness immediate results. Our familiarity with the Consulates & Embassies of foreign countries allows us to expedite the processing of your documents.

When documents are notarized in Canada for use abroad, such documents must often go through a process of "authentication" and "legalization" in order for them to be valid in the foreign jurisdiction. The combined process of "authentication" and "legalization" is the Canadian equivalent of "apostille certificates" issued in other countries that are signatories to The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (1961). As Canada did not sign this Treaty, notaries in Canada do not provide "apostille certificates". However, in most circumstances (depending on the country and document in question), Red Seal Notary can provide you with our authentication and legalization services, whereby, we will authenticate and/or legalize your notarized documents for an extra fee (for details of our fees for this service, see our fees page). Prior to the Convention, all countries had a similar process.

"Authentication" is intended to remove the burden on foreign courts, authorities, businesses and individuals in proving documents are genuine that originate outside of their country. Authentication is undertaken by Global Affairs Canada - formerly known as the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade ("DFAIT"), and Provincial authentication authorities such as the Government of Ontario's Management Board Secretariat (Official Documents) or the Official Documents and Appointments branch of Alberta's Department of Justice. Whether Global Affairs Canada and the Provincial authentication authority are both required to authenticate a document depends entirely on the recipient foreign country's rules and, as such, advice should be sought from that country's embassy or consulate.

Authentication verifies the registration of a notary public as well as the notary's seal and signature. When a request is made, Global Affairs Canada and/or the Provincial authentication authority checks its records to confirm the notary's registration and compares the notarial seal and signature on the document being submitted against records it holds of the notary's seal and signature. When the notary's authority, signature and seal are confirmed, the document to be authenticated will then receive a stamp and/or an additional seal together with a statement from the Provincial authentication authority to the effect that the notary is "known to be in good standing". Once this happens, nothing may be added to or removed from the document.

We authenticate and legalize an assortment of legal documents. Some examples include:

Educational Certificates




Identification Documents


Driver's License

Health Cards

Birth Certificates


Marital Documents

Marriage Certificates

Marriage Abroad Certificates

Marital Status Declarations


Power of Attorney's

Property Transaction Documents

Statutory Declarations

Certified Copies

Medical Licenses


To better assist you with your Authentication & Legalization (Apostille) needs, we try to accommodate any additional requests to cater to your situation. To learn more about the Authentication & Legalization Process, please click here. To speak to a representative and learn about our fee structure, please:

Additional Service Offerings:

  • Authentication of Notarized Documents
  • Legalization of Documents at Consulates
  • Legalization of Notarized Documents
  • Obtaining Foreign Embassy Stamp
  • Obtaining Ontario Government Document Authentication


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