Fingerprinting Services

Red Seal Notary offers two types of fingerprinting services through Safran Morpho Global ID Services, an RCMP accredited organization. Red Seal Notary offers Electronic Fingerprinting and Submission as well as Ink & Roll Fingerprinting. Our professionally trained personnel can assist individuals who require fingerprints for:

  • Citizenship
  • Immigration
  • Employment
  • Professional Licensing Applications
  • Visas/Waivers for Foreign Work or Travel
  • Pardon Applications (Record Suspension)
  • Adoption
  • Name Change Applications
  • Volunteer Employment
  • Privacy Act Requests
  • Other Civil (Non-Criminal) Purposes

Required Identification: In order to fulfill any request for fingerprinting, individuals must present two (2) original valid government issued identification documents, at least one of which must include a photo. Examples of acceptable identification include passports, driver’s licenses, citizenship cards or immigration documents.


  • Electronic Fingerprinting and Submission - $55.00 plus applicable RCMP fees (No Sales Tax)
  • Ink & Roll Fingerprinting - $45.00 (+ applicable taxes)

Electronic Fingerprinting and Submission: Using a system accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), your fingerprints, photograph and some basic biographical information are captured and submitted electronically to the RCMP for processing. Each session takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Although actual processing time is dependent on the RCMP, the ability to capture and submit fingerprints electronically means that Red Seal Notary’s clients can usually expect to receive their results in weeks rather than months.

Ink & Roll: For foreign police checks, and for some Canadian security clearances, a set of prints on a physical fingerprint card is required. In these situations, Red Seal Notary also offers Ink & Roll Fingerprinting services. For ink & roll prints, no photo is required, and you will leave our location with your fingerprint card(s) to submit them on your own. If there is only one card, each session takes approximately 10 minutes.

Other Requirements: If any of the following applies to your situation, please ensure you bring all relevant documents with you:

  • If the requesting party has provided you with a letter requesting fingerprints and/or a file number or numbers
  • If a specific fingerprint card must be used, other than an RCMP or FBI card, please bring it (them) with you
  • If the results are to be submitted to a third party, please have all necessary contact information
  • If you have very fine or worn fingerprint ridges, please allow for extra time, and try to moisturize your fingers for a day or two prior to attending our office
  • If the requesting party has specific or unusual requirements, such as the fingerprint card must be notarized, please bring the instructions and call them to our staff member's attention before the fingerprints are taken

Locations: Fingerprinting services are ONLY available at the following Red Seal Notary locations:


North York:

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