Bring Your ‘Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information’ Form to Red Seal Notary

July 3rd, 2014
Document to be sealed

Have you been asked to sign a form consenting to disclose your personal information to a third party?

Are you looking for a notary public to witness your signature?

If so, look no further than Red Seal Notary.

When applying for a job, a trusteeship or guardianship, a liquor license, disability benefits, admission to a program of study, to become a TSX officer, etc., depending on your specific situation, you may be required to provide consent to a third party to access to your medical records, criminal background, financial records, insurance claims, educational records, employment history and more.

Most “Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information” forms require that your signature be witnessed by a notary public. Some must be accompanied by certified true copies of your identification.

Red Seal Notary provides both notarization and certified true copy services.


When having your signature witnessed by a notary public, please do not sign your “Consent to Disclosure” form prior to arriving at our office, as you must sign your document in the presence of the notary.

Certified True Copies

If you require certified true copies of your identification, you must bring the originals. Our notary will make photocopies and certify them. Be sure to check with the third party to determine what types of identification are deemed acceptable.

Red Seal Notary Locations

For your convenience, Red Seal Notary has over 100 locations across Canada, including walk-in locations in downtown Toronto, North York, Mississauga, and Ottawa.

Click here for a list of our walk-in locations and office hours.

If you live elsewhere in Canada, you can usually obtain a same-day or next-day appointment with one of our notary representatives.

To schedule an appointment, please call 1-888-922-7325 or feel free to complete our online appointment request form.

Mobile Notary Services

If it is not convenient for you to visit one of our offices, Red Seal Notary can come to you.

Please contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at 1-888-922-7325 to see if mobile notary services are available in your area.

We look forward to assisting you.

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