New Criminal Record Check Procedures for Ontario Government Contractors

February 25th, 2014

On November 30, 2013, the Ministry of Government Services (MGS) revised the process for screening its contractors.

If you are a contractor supplying goods or services to Ontario Public Service (OPS) ministries, Commission Public Bodies (CPB), or Infrastructure Ontario (IO), and have been asked to provide a criminal record check – also known as a criminal background check or criminal name index check (CNIC) – this new procedure applies to you.

A contractor is defined as:

  • a company (corporation, partnership) or sole proprietorship;
  • an individual, including employees and subcontractors, engaged in a contractual relationship to supply goods or services, directly or indirectly an employee of IO;
  • a non-OPS individual employed in a public body (pursuant to the Public Service of Ontario Act, 2006) who is engaged in a contractual relationship to supply goods or services to a ministry, CPB or IO;
  • consultants, professionals (such as engineers, accountants, lawyers) and service providers (including temporary help).

Do all government contractors need a criminal record check?

  • All OPS contracts are subject to the Contractor Security Screening Operating Policy, and the requirement of a security check is based on risk assessment.
  • The government representative responsible for managing your contractual relationship will let you know if you require security screening.
  • If you have questions regarding the government contractor security screening process, please contact your ministry, CPB or IO representative.
  • For general information on security screening, send an email to the Ministry of Government Services at [email protected].

How do government contractors obtain a criminal record check?

  • Contractors are required to obtain and pay for their own criminal record checks and have three options for doing so:
    • through a new OPS Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangement;
    • from your local police services or the OPP; or
    • through an RCMP-accredited third-party agency.

How can Red Seal Notary help?

  • Red Seal Notary offers criminal record checks in downtown Toronto, North York, Mississauga, and Ottawa.
  • The criminal record check is conducted by comparing your name and date of birth to information contained in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) Identification Data Bank.
  • If there is no match, the result will indicate no match.
  • If there is a potential match, you will be advised to have your fingerprints taken.
  • Red Seal Notary’s fingerprinting services are RCMP-accredited.

Do criminal record check reports expire?

  • Your criminal record check report must be issued within the last 90 calendar days.

To whom do I submit my criminal record check report?

  • You must submit your criminal record check report, along with your completed security screening forms, to your contract representative.
  • Your criminal record check report must be an original hard copy on police service letterhead or certified by a police service. Photocopies or scans will not be accepted.

For more information on Red Seal Notary’s Criminal Record Check Services, click here.

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