Preparing your Irish Passport Application

February 23rd, 2015

Applying for a passport can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. This process can be even more challenging when you are dealing with an Embassy of a Country other than Canada. Rigid requirements mean that applications have to be prepared accurately in order to receive travel documents in a timely manner.

Applying for an Irish Passport

If you are a Canadian resident applying for or renewing your Irish passport, you will require the signature of an approved witness, along with other supporting documentation to accompany your application. You may be applying as an Irish citizen, as the child of a parent born in Ireland, or as a person who is married to an Irish Citizen. If you are applying for your Irish Passport for the first time, or if it has been more than ten years since your passport expired, the Irish Embassy may request additional documentation which can include a sworn affidavit to accompany birth, death, or marriage certificates, a Notarized copy of your Canadian passport or certified copies of your photo identification. Red Seal Notary can act as an approved witness and can help you to prepare the necessary material for your application package.

Lost Passport

Likewise, if you have lost your passport while travelling in Canada and need to replace it, the Embassy of Ireland may require you to have a witness that can act as a guarantor in order to issue a new passport. Obtaining a replacement passport, especially when you have flights booked already, can be stressful. You may require a certified copy of your Driver’s Licence or Work I.D. or just the services of a witness for your application. In some cases, an official from the Embassy will call the guarantor to confirm the details of the application and to ensure the accuracy of information. A reputable notary can be available to answer calls from your Embassy for verification purposes so that there are no unnecessary delays.

Certified True Copies

Once you’ve received your passport, consider having us prepare a Notarial copy of it for you to keep in a safe place, separate from your original passport. This document is an affirmation by the Notary that they have reviewed the original copy and have compared it with a photocopy to confirm they are exact. Having a Notarial copy of your passport can be really helpful if you ever need to replace it again! It is a very simple and affordable process that takes just minutes to complete.

Use our online appointment request form or call us at 1-888-922-7325 to find out about our walk-in locations or to arrange an appointment. You can also take advantage of our Mobile Notary Service and have us come to you. Let us save you the stress and anxiety of getting your application in order. We have the experience to get the job done right – so all you need to worry about is picking your next destination.

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