Can I write a document and have it notarized or commissioned in Canada?

April 19th, 2023
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The short answer is yes. You can bring all types of documents to a notary, including official typed documents as well as handwritten ones.

What is the Difference between notarizing and commissioning a document?

Commissioning a document involves swearing or affirming that the contents are true in front of a notary public or commissioner of oaths. Some documents can be commissioned online. Notarization involves in-person witnessing and verification of signatures.

Does notarizing or commissioning a document make it legal?

It is important to note that notarizing or commissioning a document does not make it legal, but it does add an extra layer of authentication and verification. It is up to the individual to determine if they need their document notarized or commissioned. Not all documents require notarization or commissioning and not all documents are able to be notarized or commissioned. If you need legal advice, you should consult a lawyer.

Finally, it is important to remember that notarizing or commissioning a document does not guarantee it will be accepted or legalized by any government institution. The notary public is not responsible for any errors in the document or its ability to satisfy the requirements of any government body.

Can I Notarize A Handwritten Document?

Yes, you can notarize a document that includes handwritten paragraphs in Canada. However, you need to check with the place or authority where you are submitting the document to make sure that they will accept a handwritten document.

What kind of documents need to be notarized or commissioned?

Some of the most common documents that require notarization or commissioning include affidavits, letters of invitation, consent to travel letters, wills, powers of attorney, proof of identification and government forms such as common law declarations. You must provide valid, government issued photo identification with your signature on it prior to signing a document in front of a notary. Photocopies and scans of your identification are not acceptable. As well, a notary public can provide certified or notarized copies of original documents, such as passports, birth certificates, wills, powers of attorney and diplomas. You must provide the original document for the notary to review and photocopy.

Things to consider when notarizing or commissioning a document in Canada

• Make sure the document meets all of the legal requirements for the place where you are submitting it.
• Ensure that all parties involved are in agreement with the contents of the document.
• Bring a valid form of identification and any other necessary documents required for completion of the document you are notarizing or commissioning (such as proof of address) when you visit the notary.
• For some documents that need to be commissioned only, you can choose either an electronic or in-person signing option that best suits your needs. If you choose an online signing option, make sure that this is acceptable to the authority where you are submitting the document. Notarization of documents must be in person.
• Make sure you understand that notarizing or commissioning a document does not guarantee it will be accepted by any government institution.
• Review the document carefully before submitting it to the notary to ensure accuracy.
• Ask the notary any questions you may have about the process and make sure you understand their instructions.
• Keep a copy of the notarized or commissioned document for your own records.

These are just some of the things to consider when it comes time to notarize or commission a document in Canada. Be sure to consult with your local notary if you have any questions about the process and make sure to always bring original documents, valid identification, and other necessary paperwork. With the right preparation, notarizing or commissioning your document can be done quickly and efficiently.

How can Red Seal Notary Help?

Red Seal Notary is Canada’s national notary company with locations across Canada in addition to convenient walk-in offices in Toronto, Ottawa, and Mississauga where you can get documents notarized or commissioned. Appointments for online commissioning can be made by contacting our call centre. Our knowledgeable and professional notaries can notarize and commission documents for you. Remember to bring your original, valid government issued photo identification with you, as the notary will need to see this in order to verify your identity. Please visit our website at www.redsealnotary.com or contact our helpful call centre at 1-888-922-7325 to make an appointment to notarize or commission documents.

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