Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Affidavits

June 20th, 2019
Video Production Tax Credit Affidavits

Film or Video Production and Notary Services

Film and video production in Canada is an exciting industry, but the legal requirements and paperwork can be onerous. Notarization may be required for documents. Certified criminal record checks or police certificates may be needed for employment or visa purposes. Red Seal Notary can help!

Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit

Film production companies working primarily in Canada may be eligible for a tax credit for labour expenditures . Tax credits are administered by the Canada Revenue Agency together with the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office (CAVCO). Tax credits are available for both Canadian companies and foreign production companies establishing themselves in Canada. There are also numerous co-production treaties that may be relevant, which are generally administered by Telefilm Canada. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Provincial credits are also available, and are usually calculated in conjunction with any federal tax credits.

You may need to provide an “Official Designee Affidavit” to designate the company or individual to receive the tax credit. This document can be commissioned by a Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public. More information about the film or video production services tax credit can be found at the Government of Canada website Canadian Heritage

There are a number of affidavits used through the application process that may be sworn before our Notaries. Links to some of the common ones are below:

Producer Affidavit Preliminary
Producer Affidavit Final
Canadian Creator Affidavit
Courtesy Credit Affidavit
Final Costs Affidavit

Certified Criminal Record Checks / Police Certificates

Certified criminal record checks or police certificates may be needed for employees who require work permits or visas for Canada or for other countries. Red Seal Notary provides full fingerprinting services, both RCMP certified criminal record checks for Canada, and ink and roll fingerprints for other countries. Please see our fingerprinting page for more information: Fingerprint Services.

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