How do I invite my parents to visit me in Canada?

June 28th, 2024
Letter of Invitation

Summer is a wonderful time to explore the sites of Canada. If you have parents who live in another country, this might be the perfect time to invite them to come for a visit. Depending on their country of origin, your parents might need to apply for a visitor visa to Canada before they can hop on a plane.

Applying for a visitor visa can seem complicated and time-consuming. Parents usually have to fill out papers, acquire required paperwork, and possibly have a medical examination in order to apply for this visa. It is important for them to carefully check the most up-to-date requirements for the type of visa they are applying for, as the requirements may change.

How Do I Determine the Requirements for my parents to visit me in Canada?

Check the Government of Canada website where there is an online checklist to help you determine whether your parents require a visitor visa, and what kind of visa they are eligible for. See link below.

If your parents require a visitor visa, there are two options available, a Super Visa or a regular visitor visa, also called a Temporary Resident Visa, or TRV.

What Is a Super Visa and How Does It Help?

The Super Visa is only meant for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. It permits an extended stay in Canada for a maximum of five years without the need to renew the visa. For qualified candidates, the Super Visa offers a longer term of stay than standard visiting visas, which usually permit stays of up to six months.

To apply for a Super Visa, parents must demonstrate their relationship with their sponsoring child and include a letter of invitation from their child outlining care arrangements and details about their sponsor’s household. Additionally, parents need to show proof of Canadian health insurance and the sponsoring family member must meet a minimum income requirement based on their family size. It is important to check the Government of Canada website for the most up-to-date requirements for the Super Visa application.

Even if a parent is visa-exempt based on their nationality, opting for a Super Visa allows them to stay longer than the usual six-month period. Successful applicants receive a letter authorizing their stay instead of a traditional visa. It is important to note that visa-exempt visitors with a Super Visa still need to apply for an electronic travel authorization (ETA) when flying to Canada.

This process ensures that families can plan for longer visits while fulfilling the necessary requirements for extended stays under the Super Visa program.

Understanding Visitor Visas

If your parents do not qualify for a Super Visa, then they can apply for a regular Canadian Visitor Visa, called a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). This is an official travel document issued by the Canadian government, allowing foreigners to temporarily travel to visit Canada for a limited period

These visas typically come with specific conditions, such as restrictions on employment or education, and require applicants to demonstrate their intention to leave the country once their authorized stay ends. Beyond facilitating international travel and promoting cultural exchange, visitor visas help prevent misuse and ensure that visitors abide by the terms of their stay.

What Are the Documents Required for a Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa)?

The documents required for a visitor visa/temporary resident visa vary depending on which country your parents reside in. In general, they will need to satisfy a Canadian immigration officer that they plan to leave Canada at the end of their stay (eg by showing return plane tickets) and that they have enough money to provide for themselves during their stay. They may need to prove they are in good health by completing a medical examination. They may also be required to provide biometrics (fingerprints and photographs).

Some of the information they may need to provide includes:
● Visa Application Form: A completed and signed form,
● Passport-Sized Photos: Recent photographs that meet specific size and quality criteria.
● Passport: A passport that will remain valid for six months or longer after the date of intended departure.
• Proof of Travel Arrangements: Evidence of round-trip travel plans, such as flight tickets or train bookings.
● Invitation Letter: A notarized letter from the child inviting their parents to visit and detailing the purpose of the visit.
● Financial Proof: Proof of funds to support their stay including bank statements, pay slips, or a letter of financial support.
● Visa application Fee

Always check the Government of Canada website for current visa applications and information.

How to Invite Your Parents in Canada on a Temporary Resident Visa?

To invite your parents to visit you in Canada, you may need to provide them with an invitation letter. This letter will help them in applying for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) if required. Here are the steps and what to include in the letter:


Gather Information:

● Your full name, address, and contact information.
● The complete names, birth dates, and addresses of your parents.
● Details about your status in Canada (e.g., student, worker, permanent resident, citizen).
● Information about your parents’ visit (dates, purpose, accommodation details).

Write the Invitation Letter:

● Address the letter to the Canadian consulate or visa office where your parents will apply.
● Include a clear subject line (e.g., “Invitation to Visit Canada”).
● Start with a formal greeting.
● Provide your personal details and your status in Canada.
● Explain the purpose of their visit.
● Mention the duration of their stay and the accommodation details.
● Include a statement of your financial support, if applicable.
● Close with your signature and contact information
● Attend a notary public to have the letter notarized

Getting your parents to come visit you in Canada means figuring out how to apply for a visa, assembling the necessary paperwork, and knowing your alternatives, including the Super Visa. Even though it can be complicated, it is crucial to make sure that all paperwork is accurately filled out and turned in.

How Can Red Seal Notary Help?

Red Seal Notary’s team of helpful notaries can assist with preparing and notarizing letters of invitation. We have a sample letter of invitation on our website if you want to write your own letter, or you can provide the information and we will create the letter for you.

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