How long is a notarized document valid in Canada?

November 25th, 2022
Do Notarized Documents Expire?

We get lots of questions about notary expiration and How long is a notarized document valid in Canada? in this article we go over some of the popular questions you may wanna know about notarizing documents.

What does a Notary Do?

A notary public is a person authorized by the Province to perform certain legal formalities, such as witnessing signatures and certifying documents. The role of a notary public is to deter fraud and ensure that important documents are properly executed. Documents that may be notarized include deeds, wills, and powers of attorney.

Most Canadian provinces require that some real estate documents be notarized. This means that if you are buying or selling a house, you will likely need to have documents notarized. Notarization can also be helpful in other situations, such as when you are traveling abroad and need to execute legal documents.

In Canada, a notarized document does not expire. There is no expiration date associated with the notary stamp or seal. As long as the traditional or online notary had a valid commission by the Provincial or Territorial government, your document will remain valid. Therefore, you do not need to renew your notarization in order to maintain its validity.
It is important to remember that notarization does not guarantee the accuracy of a document or the validity of any contents therein. The purpose of a notary public is only to verify the identity of those signing documents and to act as an impartial witness for legally binding transactions. It is up to you, as the person signing the document, to ensure its accuracy.

What Does it Mean To Have a Document Notarized?

Having a document notarized means that the Notary has verified the identity of the signatory and witnessed his or her signature, or has verified a copy as true to the original. To have a document notarized, you will need to appear before an official notary public who has been authorized by the Province or Territory. The notary will witness you sign and authenticate the validity of your signature with their notary seal.

Do Notarized Documents Expire?

Notarized documents do not expire in Canada. As long as the notary commission held by the notary public was valid at the time of notarization, the notarization will remain valid. Therefore, notarized documents usually have no expiration date in Canada, and you do not need to renew them. It is important to note that the document itself may have an expiration date separate from its notarization. It depends on the type of document and what is stated in the document itself. Therefore, it is important to read all documents carefully before signing and notarizing them.

When can a Notarized Document Be Rejected?

In some cases, the receiving party may decide to reject notarized documents after they have been received. This could happen for a variety of reasons, such as if the notary’s commission has expired or if the text on the document is difficult to read. If there is any correction fluid used on the document, it is likely that the receiving party will reject it because this could be an indication that the document was altered after it was notarized.
Also In some situations, the notarization may be incomplete. For example, if not all the signatures on the document were notarized, or if some other information is missing. If this is the case, the receiving party may reject the document.
If a notary stamp is placed over a portion of text, it may also make the text difficult to read. In this case, the document will be rejected because the text cannot be read.

How To Notarize Documents with Red Seal Notary in Canada

In Canada, notarization can be done by a notary public who has been commissioned and registered with the Provincial or Territorial Government where you are located.
To notarize something at Red Seal Notary, you must first make an appointment to meet with one of our notaries. During your appointment, the notary will ask for your valid identification and will then witness you sign the document. Once everything has been completed, the notary will apply their official stamp or seal.
At Red Seal Notary, notarization can be done remotely or in person depending on the type of document and your location. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about notarizing a document.
By notarizing documents, you can help to protect yourself from potential fraud and ensure that all of your legal documents are properly executed.

2 thoughts on “How long is a notarized document valid in Canada?

  1. Carol Reardon says:

    I obtained Notary stamp through my employer and now that I am retired can I still use
    my Notary stamp



    • Blake McClung says:

      Dear Carol,

      If you are a lawyer, paralegal, or have a qualification that allowed you to receive an unlimited Notary commission, then most likely you can still notarize documents. If your commission had to be renewed every few years, and/or your commission was limited to notarizing documents related to your employer, then you likely cannot. You would have to check with the appropriate authority in your jurisdiction to be sure.

      I hope this information is of some assistance.

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