How to Commission an Oath or Declaration Virtually

October 1st, 2020
virtual commissioning

What if I need to commission a document but cannot go to an office to meet with a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths?

The world has changed drastically over the last few months. Red Seal Notary recognizes this and understands that some clients are not able to have their documents commissioned in an office. We have introduced a new online commissioning service to help meet the needs of those who are not able to meet in person.

What is online commissioning?

Online commissioning uses e-signature software to allow you to digitally sign documents in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths during a video call. E-signature software is used to ensure security and reliability of the process.

What equipment will I need for an online commissioning appointment?

You do not require any special software for online commissioning, as Red Seal Notary will provide links to everything required. You do need the following equipment to successfully commission your document online:
• Access to a scanner to upload your document and your identification
• A computer or smartphone with a camera to attend a virtual meeting
• Valid, government issued photo identification such as a passport or driver’s licence
• Credit card for payment

Is online commissioning accepted?

The Province of Ontario by emergency order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act by order in council allowed for online commissioning of Affidavits (among many other measures). The Law Society of Ontario issued a Practice Directive in April 2020 permitting members to virtually commission documents in Ontario due to the Covid19 pandemic. Most other provinces have issued similar directives. However, it is ultimately up to the receiving authority of a document to decide whether they will accept a document that has been virtually commissioned. Basically, check with whoever you are giving the document to.

What kind of documents can be commissioned?

Currently, some affidavits and statutory declarations such as consent to travel letters, Ontario court forms, proof of loss forms and declarations can be commissioned online. It is important that you check with the authority where you will be submitting the document to be sure that they will accept documents commissioned online, particularly for any documents that are being submitted to jurisdictions outside of Canada.

What documents cannot be commissioned online?

Currently only documents that require the signature of a Commissioner of Oaths can be signed online by Red Seal Notary. Documents that require notarization need the seal of the Notary Public to be attached to the document and cannot be completed online. Please attend in person for notarization.

What is the procedure for online commissioning?

  • contact Red Seal Notary
  • scan and upload your document and photo ID
  • pay by credit card
  • confirm your appointment
  • click on the link to join the virtual meeting with the Commissioner of Oaths
  • e-sign the document
  • receive the commissioned document by email – all done!

How can Red Seal Notary help?

Please visit our online commissioning page for assistance with scheduling an appointment or to contact us for further information. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff are ready to assist you.

Helpful Links:

Law Society of Ontario Practice Direction on Online Commissioning
Commissioners For Taking Affidavits Act
Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act

4 thoughts on “How to Commission an Oath or Declaration Virtually

  1. Juan Vicente Cuéllar González says:

    Good afternoon.
    I need to notarize a certified identity confirmation and my
    Mexican passport because I am starting a process in the
    Medical Council of Canada. I would like to know if you can do
    it for me.
    Thank you.
    Juan Vicente Cuéllar González.

    • Blake McClung says:

      Dear Juan,

      Thank you for your comment and for your interest in our website.

      Notarized documents normally require the Notary’s embossed seal, which cannot be applied online. The form you mention also normally has the seal applied over one of the photos. That said, you may wish to contact the Medical Council of Canada to see if they are making significant exemptions to their requirements during Covid.

      Assuming the documents do require the Notary’s seal, please contact customer service and they will be happy to assist you find the Notary location most convenient for you.

      I hope this is of some assistance.

  2. Yelena says:

    I have resided in Canada for one year and then returned to my home country. IRCC requires my
    fingerprint-based RCMP criminal record check for my immigration application. Will you digitize my
    ink roll fingerprints done by my home country police department, if I send them to you with a
    notarized translation? What other documents would you require my representative to send you for
    this service, what are the fees and processing time?
    Thank you in earnest for your fast reply and detailed explanation about logistics.

    • Blake McClung says:

      Hello Yelena,

      Thank you for your comment and for your interest in our website.

      Unfortunately, Red Seal Notary is not accredited or equipped for scanning and submitting out of country fingerprints. You may wish to contact our equipment and software provider, Idemia, for this service. Details are at the url below. The RCMP has specific requirements for this service so you should contact Idemia first before taking any other steps, to ensure you meet all the requirements.


      I hope this information is of assistance.

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