Medical Council of Canada Certified Identity Confirmation

February 21st, 2017

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) is an organization dedicated to the uniform assessment of Doctors across Canada.  It holds examinations and maintains ongoing standards of evaluation for Canadian Doctors to practice Medicine.  Medical Licences themselves are issued by regulatory authorities in each Province and Territory.  The MCC however ensures that patients across Canada can rest assured that their Doctor must meet the same rigorous requirements as Doctors in any other Canadian jurisdiction.

The MCC also maintains a record of the qualifications of each Medical Doctor in Canada.  This allows for physician mobility, making it much easier for Doctors practicing in one jurisdiction to transfer to another.

Not surprisingly, the MCC needs to ensure that the assessment and qualification records they maintain are for the individual actually assessed.  The Certified Identity Confirmation form is for this purpose.  Candidates must complete the form and sign it before a Certifying Official, such as a Notary Public.  The candidate must attach two identical photos to the form, one securely glued in the space near the top, and one with a single piece of scotch tape near the bottom of the form, so it is easily removed by MCC staff.  When the form is Notarized, the Notary seal will be partially over the glued photo, so the MCC can be assured it is the same photo verified by the Notary.  The Notary can also provide the Certified True Copy of your photo identification to include with your application.

For Candidates first going through the process, especially those that attended Medical School outside Canada, you may require certified copies of Degrees, Transcripts, Standardized Examination results, Citizenship documents, or more as you progress.  You may also need some of these documents when applying to jobs, or applying for a Medical Licence in other jurisdictions.  You may save money by having these documents certified all in the same visit.  Just don’t forget to bring the originals.

Please find below a link to the Certified Identity Form, for your convenience.

MCC Certified Identity Form

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