OSAP Affidavits – Free Sample Templates

December 8th, 2020
OSAP Affidavits

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What is OSAP?

Congratulations on being accepted to attend post-secondary education in Ontario! Education is expensive, but the Government of Ontario provides a financial assistance program consisting of loans and grants to students called OSAP, or the Ontario Student Assistance Program.

How do I apply for OSAP?

You can apply for OSAP at the website listed below. If you have questions about eligibility, you can also check directly with the Financial Aid Office at your post-secondary school.

What information do I need to provide on my OSAP application?

To qualify for OSAP, you must fill out application forms and provide documentation to prove your income, as well as other information such as your marital status, parental status and Indigenous status. You can qualify for different financial benefits depending on your personal situation, but you need to prove to OSAP officials that you fit the categories that you claim to be a part of.

What happens if I do not have documentation to prove some of the information in my application?

If you do not have the documents that OSAP requires as proof of your personal or financial information, you may need to provide them with an affidavit explaining the situation. For instance, if you are legally married, you can provide OSAP with a copy of your marriage certificate to prove your marital status, but if you are in a common law relationship, you will have to provide an affidavit confirming your relationship in order to qualify for benefits for students with a long-term partner.

What is an affidavit?

An affidavit is a sworn statement signed in front of a Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public, in which you state the facts about a situation and take an oath to swear or affirm that they are true.

In what situations would I need an affidavit for OSAP?

Some of the situations where OSAP will accept an affidavit when you do not have other forms of proof include proving common law status, as discussed above, as well as claiming that you are a sole support parent, claiming that you are separated or divorced if you have no other documentation, or providing confirmation of Indigenous identity. You may also need to provide an affidavit to state that you have earned no income in the previous year or years.

How can Red Seal Notary help?

If you draft your own affidavit, Red Seal Notary has convenient walk- in offices in Toronto and Ottawa where you can have the document commissioned in person. You can also contact our helpful call centre to make appointments to commission this document at locations across the Ontario. If you need help, Red Seal Notary can also draft the document for you. Please see our affidavit page for further assistance at https://www.redsealnotary.com/affidavits.html.

Helpful Links:

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Free Sample Templates:

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