Proof of Common Law Union

Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union

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The law has recognized common law relationships for some time now, and this has necessitated documentary proof of these relationships. You may need to add your beloved to your benefits plan at work, sponsor him to come to Canada, or add her to your insurance. As there is no marriage certificate, most institutions have developed an affidavit or statutory declaration to act as proof of the relationship.

Standard Forms

As alluded to above, many organizations (Immigration Canada, Service Canada, insurance companies, and many employers and pension plans) have standard forms for this declaration which they prefer you to use. You may wish to ask if the organization has a standard form, or accepts one of the government standard forms, before drafting one. If they do, simply fill out that form and book a regular appointment to make the declaration before one of our Notaries. This will save you both time and money.

Free Template

When there is no standard form available, you may be able to use our free template. This is the same template we use when drafting a declaration of common law union from the information you provide in the request form below. Keep in mind though this sample declaration usually cannot replace standard forms like those above, so always check for a standard form first.

Declaration of Common Law Union Word format
Declaration of Common Law Union pdf format

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