Stock Up on $10 Certified True Copies at Red Seal Notary!

February 14th, 2013

So, you’re coming to Red Seal Notary to obtain a certified true copy of your original document.
Perhaps you’ve got a job teaching in Korea.

You’ve already taken the trouble to take your diploma off the wall and remove it from its frame.
Since you’re already bringing it in, why stop at one copy?

At Red Seal Notary’s walk-in locations, additional certified true copies are only $10 each!

And the best news of all: notarizations don’t expire!

Visit any of our walk-in locations in Toronto and the GTA, and pay just $49.00 for your first notarization and only $10 each for any additional notarizations or certified true copies.

Or perhaps you’re getting married overseas. Depending on government requirements, you may need certified true copies of your marriage certificate, your divorce certificate, your passport, your birth certificate, and a host of other documents.

In fact, you will probably need additional certified true copies of these documents again someday.

And at only $10 for multiple copies, you can afford to stock up!

Visit Red Seal Notary today!

Click here for a list of Red Seal Notary’s walk-in locations in Toronto and the GTA.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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