RIN Requests for Corporations

May 5th, 2022
RIN Requests for Corporations

What do I do if I want to register a vehicle to my business in Ontario?

What is a RIN?

It can be beneficial for corporations to own a vehicle. For instance, this can make it easier to authorize several employees to drive the company car. In Ontario, all vehicles must be registered through Service Ontario. Sometimes this process can be completed by the car dealership where you purchase your car. However, if you need to register a vehicle yourself or you want to transfer a personal vehicle to your business, you require either a driver’s license or a nine-digit number called a “Registrant Identification Number” or RIN. Since a business cannot have a driver’s license, it is necessary to obtain a RIN so that you can register the vehicle.

How do I get a Registrant Identification Number (RIN) for my company?

To obtain a RIN, it is a good idea to contact Service Ontario and verify their current requirements. They, unfortunately, do not provide specific guidelines for RIN applications on their website as of the date of this posting. Generally, you will have to provide identification to them and prove to them that you are a business owner authorized to register a vehicle, which you can do by showing them your articles of incorporation and other business registration information. You will also need to provide them with a sworn statement or statutory declaration commissioned by a commissioner of oaths or notary public. This document will need to request a RIN number and confirm your authority to act on behalf of the company. You need to prepare this document yourself, and you should verify the content requirements for this document with Service Ontario prior to commissioning the document, as they do not provide a specific form or guidelines on their website.

How can Red Seal Notary help?

We have reliable and professional Notaries/Commissioners of Oaths who can commission/notarize your RIN Request for your Corporation. Please note that you need to prepare the document yourself, preferably on your company letterhead, and Red Seal Notary will commission/notarize it for you. You must bring in one piece of valid government-issued photo identification and sign the document in front of the Notary/Commissioner of Oaths. Red Seal Notary has convenient walk-in offices in Toronto, Ottawa, and Mississauga where you can have the document notarized in person. You can also contact our helpful call center to make appointments to notarize documents at locations across Ontario.

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Service Ontario Vehicle Registration Information

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