TSX Personal Information Form (PIF) and Declarations

January 31st, 2017
TSX Personal Information Form

Update August 2018: The PIF for the TSX will only be accepted in paper form until September 30, 2018. After that date, PIF and related Declarations must be submitted electronically. Click here for details on the TSX website.

The Securities industry in Canada has ongoing compliance requirements.  Among these is the need to submit a Personal Information Form (PIF) to the Stock Exchange when you become:

  • an officer, director, or insider of a publicly traded issuer
  • an officer of an investment fund manager of an issuer
  • owner of 10% or more of an issuer, or an officer, director, or insider of an organization that obtains more than 10% of an issuer


There are also other situations where a PIF may be required, such as when it is requested by the Exchange or a Securities Regulatory body, or when you become involved in investor relations for a TSX Venture Exchange issuer.

For some, these situations may occur often.  If you have filed a PIF within the last three years and nothing has changed, you may likely file a Declaration form, instead.  This form is in essence a declaration that the prior PIF remains unchanged.  It still requires consent to a criminal background check and 2 notarized IDs, but it is certainly less tedious than the full PIF.

Both of these forms require that you make a Statutory Declaration that the information being filed is true.  The declaration must be administered by a Commissioner of Oaths.  If you have a legal department, chances are there is at least one Commissioner of Oaths there.  However, you may not have a Commissioner of Oaths, or they may simply be out of the office or too busy to oblige.

That is where we come in.  If you are in the financial district of Toronto, we have a walk-in location conveniently located at Adelaide and Victoria, just a few minutes walk.  We also have a location right outside the Bloor – Yonge TTC station, on the way to or from work for many thousands of people.  If you are not in Toronto, we can still help.  Give us a call or fill out our online request form and our staff can arrange an appointment for you, or direct you to the nearest walk-in location.  Your time is valuable.  Why not get the form out of the way, so you can concentrate on your real job?

The Canadian Securities Exchange has a similar PIF, which also must be declared before a Commissioner of Oaths.  If you are outside Ontario, it must be declared before a Notary Public in your jurisdiction.  It also must be accompanied by copies of 2 IDs, but they need not be notarized.  The form is required in similar situations to the TSX forms, except the ownership cut-off is greater at 20%.

For your convenience, please find below links to the Personal Information and Declaration forms for the TSX and CSE, current as of January 25, 2017.

TMX PIF link

TMX PIF Declaration link

CSE PIF form

If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact us here.

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