What is a Travel Consent Letter?

December 6th, 2022
Consent to Travel for Child

Consent to Travel Letters

If you want to travel with your child outside of Canada, you may need to bring a travel consent letter from the other parent. This document is permission from the child’s other parent or guardian that confirms their agreement for the child to travel. It’s strongly advised if you are traveling alone with your child. A travel consent letter makes sure you have both parents’ or guardians’ permission to travel with the child.

This document is an important part of child safety and can help prevent child abduction – so make sure you have one before traveling with your child. You’ll likely need to provide a copy of this consent letter at the airport, or it may be required by foreign officials when you enter a foreign country.

Why should you bring a consent to travel letter?

The Canadian Government recommends that all Canadian children under the age of majority have a consent to travel letter with them when traveling abroad. This document is essential if you are traveling alone with your child, or the child is traveling without either parent. It ensures that both parents or guardians have agreed to the child’s trip.

Should my consent to the travel letter be notarized?

It’s not a legal requirement in Canada that consent to travel letters be notarized. However, the Government of Canada strongly recommends having consent to travel letters witnessed by a notary public. This is because it adds an extra layer of security and gives the consent letter added legitimacy when presented at airports or to officials abroad.
Consent to a travel letter notarized by a lawyer or notary public is the most accepted form of consent, and it helps ensure that your child will be allowed to enter or leave foreign countries with ease.

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