Who Can Notarize a Document in Ontario?

September 21st, 2023
Document to be sealed

Where do I get something Notarized?

Do you have a document that needs notarizing – perhaps a copy of your passport for a bank application, or an inheritance document from another country? Are you confused about who is qualified to notarize the document and whether you need to go through the expense and time of going to a full service law firm? Look no further, as we have your answers here.

In Ontario, a Notary Public is appointed by the Ontario Government. A law called the Notaries Act authorizes the government to appoint lawyers, paralegals and some civil servants to act as notaries in Ontario. It is important to note that not all lawyers and paralegal are notaries, so not every legal professional has the authority to notarize a document.

When seeking a Notary Public in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario, you must ensure that the individual you choose is appointed under the Notaries Act. A notary public will properly execute documents they are presented with and will provide a signature and official seal as evidence of their authority.

What Documents Need Notarization:

Notarization of documents is a requirement for many documents, particularly those that will be used in legal proceedings outside of Ontario.
A notary public offers essential services that can help ease legal transactions. Whether it is a certified copy of a diploma, signing documents for a foreign real estate transaction, a power of attorney or a loan document, these services can help make your life easier.

Some other types of documents that may require notarization include: certified copies of educational transcripts, court or legal documents, declarations, certified copies of marriage and divorce certificates, certified copies of birth and death certificates, certified copies of medical records, adoption and name change documents, as well as permits, and letters.

If you are looking for notary services in Toronto or elsewhere in Ontario, choose an individual qualified and authorized under the Notaries Act. This will ensure that your documents are properly executed. By following the above guidelines, you can rest assured that your documents will be notarized correctly and securely. This will help ensure that your legal transactions are appropriately executed.

How Can Red Seal Notary Help?

By using our services, we eliminate any worry about whether a legal professional is authorized to notarize your documents. We have knowledgeable and professional Notaries who are all appointed under the Notaries Act and legally authorized to notarize documents in Ontario. Red Seal Notary has convenient walk-in offices in Toronto, Ottawa, and Mississauga as well as by appointment at locations across Ontario where you can have your documents notarized. Please visit our website at www.RedSealNotary.com or contact our helpful call center at 1-888-922-7325 to make an appointment to notarize documents at locations across the country.

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